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The smallest Chapel...

I pray that you find this uplifting!

(A true story - 2013)

So, I am in Washington DC in an upmarket hotel

Attending an 800 men retreat.

I am wearing my clergy collar.

I enter a very full elevator.

Everyone is looking at the floor number display

or their shoes.

No eye contact.

All very serious.

Total silence.

So I offer the shortest sermon I have in my Repertoire.

I'm not really sure what came over me,

"I have to ask you people, the ageless and eternal question?"

Everyone looks at me...

Now I am pointing,

"Are you going up or are you going down? Amen."

Everyone cracked up.

The doors closed... There was a pause.


We ALL went UP.

It was amazing...


There was a spontaneous round of applause as we went "up..."

It was so "uplifting"

I was elevated to a new position...

Floored even.

Button hold.

Button holed...

I was so excited I forgot what floor to get off...


The shortest sermon...

The smallest Chaple...

The smallest congregation...

And sadly,

No time to pass the plate between floors.

Now.... Where did I put my key?

~Fr. Nigel Mumford+


Healing Grace and Peace be with you, Fr. Nigel+


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