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Healing Conferences
& Guest Speaking


The Reverend Nigel Mumford is an author and International speaker on the Healing Ministry. Born and educated in England, he served in the Royal Marine Commandos, and as a drill instructor. Mentored by the late Canon Jim Glennon from Australia and Francis MacNutt, Nigel speaks and teaches on the healing grace of Jesus Christ today.

Nigel’s speaking and teaching engagements include the U.S. Pentagon, John Hopkins Hospital, and seminaries in the USA and UK. Nigel is a circuit speaker, chaplain and board member for the International Order of St. Luke.


Fr. Nigel was honored to be asked to give the opening prayer to the House at the Capitol in Richmond on Monday, Feb. 13th.  At this time, and to his surprise, he was also honored and given a House Resolution and Commendation.

Suggested weekend conference format

Each individual church or venue can format their own layout

  • (Optional talk Friday evening)

  • All day Saturday: 9 / 9:30am & 3:30 / 4pm. Includes 2 talks / teaching in the morning by Rev. Mumford, (lunch break) following lunch, (optional time of Q & A) and or Healing Service with healing prayer and anointing.

  • (Optional preaching or Adult forum on Sunday – limit to 1 service)

suggested Topics & Talks

Reverend Mumford offers teachings and personal stories of the power of prayer and healing. Following is a list of our more popular talks.  A COMPLETE list of all can be emailed to you upon request.

  • Intro to Healing 101
    How to start a Healing Ministry in your church

  • Blocks to Healing

  • Forgiveness

  • Brokenness

  • Discernment and Your Life Plans

  • Care for the Care Giver

  • Perseverance in Prayer for Healing

  • Encouragement and Empowerment

  • Combating Doubt and Fear

  • Inner Healing / Healing of Memories

  • Generational Healing

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Healing for Post Traumatic Stress (Military / First Responders and Civilians)

Other opportunities for your church or community:

Mentoring Prayer Teams

Mentoring, encouragement and further education to Prayer Ministers. An opportunity for questions, case studies, ministry concerns.


Healing Services

Ecumenical healing services open to the community. Service includes a homily/teaching and healing prayer with laying on of hands.


Healing the Shepherds

A 24 hour retreat for clergy of all denominations. Those who may feel burnt-out, stressed, and in need of healing for themselves. To be refilled with the Holy Spirit. A time of healing and renewal. This program is offered in Virginia Beach periodically, but can be hosted at a location near you, where Nigel is invited to lead the program.


Welcome Home Initiative

A program-retreat for military veterans who have served their country in combat and may be suffering in varying degrees of post-trauma stress or moral injury. 

Fred Norton – Aug 24, 2018

“I am Blessed to have had the opportunity to experience such a program.  My forever thanks goes out to you and the entire team.”
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