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Happy to be Alive

After the church service yesterday, a young man came up to me to thank me for visiting him in hospital three years ago.

I said, “Sorry, I don’t remember but why were you in hospital?

He replied, “Because I hung myself!”

Words failed me as the memory flooded back.

It was a “ten leper” moment where one came back to say thank you…

It was a lost lamb from the flock moment…

He looked so radiant and happy to be alive.

If you are thinking of a permanent solution to a temporary situation

Please think again and reach out for the help you need.

You ARE loved dear Soul….

Thank you Jesus for saving this young man’s life.

Dear Soul, be very gentle with yourself.

In the pure love of Jesus,

Fr. Nigel+

Ps. Everyday I am reminded of the Love of God for all of us.


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