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Your mind, heart and body


Your soul.

Such is the divine design.

Your mind, heart and body will

Eventually cease.

Your soul will continue throughout eternity.

Your soul craves

Your soul wants

Your soul desires

Your soul needs

You soul is designed for

Communion with God.

Your soul is silent...

Your soul will not rebel...

Your soul is there waiting

For you to make up your mind.

Take a personal inventory

When do we allow our soul to be nurtured?

For an hour on Sunday, maybe?

Give yourself humble permission

To allow your mind, heart and body

To give your Soul a gift.

Ask God, in prayer, what your souls needs.

Perhaps the thing that has been missing in your life


The nurture of your soul!

Give your soul,

The gift of worship

The gift of prayer

The gift of Godly comunity

The gift of seeking

The gift of truth

The gift of praise

The gift of peace

The gift of "The Word"

The gift of knowing,

The Lord God Almighty.

Give Christ permission to stand in the gap...

Nurture your soul.

Soul Stirrings

Fr. Nigel Mumford+


Healing Grace and Peace be with you, Fr. Nigel+


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