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The Cape Henry Primordial Groan

By Fr. Nigel Mumford+

I was sitting in my decliner

Drinking my tea

I looked at the dog...

Duncan looked at me.

We have not gone for a

Walk for a week or more

The wind and rain came from the shore.

I nodded at the dog and he knew

It was time for a walk,

In the fog...

From the shore.

Hat on my head

Leash on the dog

Windbreaker on

We headed out into the dull gloom.

Then the one instrument

Orchestra struck its lonely note

The haunting melody known...

The Cape Henry fog horn, noise from its throat.

I stoped to enjoy this Beethoven moment

The deep haunting resonance resounding

In the center of my head, the call to the lighthouse

The call of the ancient Mariner to beware.

The tune set to one note, no rhythm present

A deep, deep sound resounding in the throat.

The warning of rocks and the sea shore

The warning to be heeded by the mariners afloat.

My walk was cold, the wind was raw

My feet upon the sea shore

I let my mind wander as I walked the dog

As men would have grappled with the ships lines and more.

I was safe, the fog horn a reminder

Of days gone by and the souls behind her

The ship to change course away from the sound

Not be be drawn, flailing upon the rocks found.

My walk was filled as my mind wandered

The ancient mariners lives, perhaps squandered.

My walk back home to a hot cup of tea

The ancient mariners story alive but recorded

By the warning sound once more

Of the sound of the horn from the shore.

The Cape Henry sound, the monotone warning

The haunting memory of forewarning.

One long blast and then reply.

A primordial groan from the earliest of time

A noise to prevent the ship from floundering.

A welcome warning from days gone by.

To those mariners gone before us,

I raise my mug from the safety of the shore

The Cape Henry horn playing its lonely tune

It could be so easy to become immune to

The primordial groan of that ancient fog horn.


Healing Grace and Peace be with you, Fr. Nigel+


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