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Since 1990 I've meet thousands who have been so hurt by mans raw inhumanity to man, truly it breaks my heart.

If you have been broken by someone please do not allow them to have any power over you anymore, from the grave, from prison, even from across a room!

Jesus came to set the captive free!

May you be set from from the captivity of the "emotional cancer" of bitterness and unforgiveness. Someone once said to me,

“To have a grudge is a reason for living!"

You might feel you are captive by the memory of the perpetrator.

May I suggest that Jesus Himself, stand between you and the perp, person, organization, or tormentor.

Ask God to help you live your life to the fullest without this unhealthy yoke.

As Jesus came to set the captive free, may you be set free indeed.

Live you life abundantly dear Soul.

The bible says seek first the Kingdom of God!

Look at Jesus, not the perp!

~Nigel W.D.Mumford+


Healing Grace and Peace be with you,


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