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A judge, a Jewish lawyer and a priest walk onto a plane...

I was the first to board the 10am flight and got into my window seat.

A man sat in the aisle seat. We got talking. He was a judge, and a lay

Reader for the Methodist church. We had a great chat. Then a young

Man sat between us. He is a lawyer. I said, when we land we should walk

Into a bar... “A Judge, a lawyer and a Priest walk into a bar...” we laughed.

The young man said that was a good idea. Then I knew in the spirit

That he was an alcoholic. I point blank asked him how long he had been

Drinking. “Since 8am” he said. I said “NO....what age did you start drinking?”

He said, “Eight but seriously at eighteen years old” how old are you now. He told me.

He told me he was Jewish and asked me about Jesus. HE ASKED ME ABOUT JESUS! He said that he expected me to postalize at him. I told him I never do

That. (He’s on the hook) I asked him what he needs healing of. He told me. I told him some new testament stories and then some healing stores from

My history. (Now he’s really on the line!) Reverse psychology works so well!

Finally towards the end of the journey I told him about salvation and the love of Jesus and of the love of God the father. That was the key. He REALLY wanted to know God the Father. He really needed the Father’s love. That was the key.

I asked the judge, who was reading his book, to help me pray for this man.

He lit up up in joy.

This Jewish lawyer was now in tears as we laid hands on him and prayed for

His healing and salvation. I told him to find Bill W. Code for joining A.A.

The plane landed... we all exchanged business cards... and the still drunk

Jewish now believer hugged me with lots of gratitude. I will follow up next week and call him early before he starts drinking for the day!

Please pray for this man. I’m not going to give his name or where he lives

For obvious reasons...

This was a “flight” to remember.

I love my boss... you never know what he is going to do.

I could not possibly make this stuff up...

Jesus ambushed this man in need of healing.

A judge, a lawyer and a priest walk off a plane...


Fr. Nigel. W..D. Mumford+

PS. A woman sitting in front of us was wearing a American legion jacket.

I saw her in the elevator on my way to the next flight. I asked her if she had

Heard our conversation. “I was hanging on every word” she said.

“ I was praying like crazy.” She was so happy. She said, “God put the three of you together...” I said, “God put the four of us together.” She smiled, agreed, and I went to my next gate. Feeling filled with the Spirit and the Joy of the love of God.


Healing Grace and Peace be with you, Fr. Nigel+


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