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STRESS IS THE ENEMY quotes on stress

Stress is the enemy

Do everything you can to avoid stress.

Peace be with you.

Fr. Nigel+

Leave “your” stress

At the foot of the Cross

Fr. Nigel+

Do not distress on the abscess of stress.

Fr. Nigel+

~The pirates of Penzance

Avoid the mess of stress

Seek Jesus... confess.

Fr. Nigel+

Find rest in your distress.

Pray into the stress, move to less.

~Fr. Nigel+

Be still and know

That God will remove your stress

And that prayers will bless.

~Fr. Nigel+

Prayer and humor

The antidote to stress

~Fr. Nigel+

Have Fun

The Joy of the Lord is your strength

~Fr. Nigel+



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