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A NATIVITY VISION an Holy trip to Bethlehem

Some years ago I was prying with someone that had an abusive mother. During the prayer the Lord gave me a vision of the Holy Stable. It was as if we were walking in Bethlehem and we saw a great light. We walked towards the light and came to the place where Christ was born. We were met by a few shepherd’s who beckoned us in. There we met Joseph who guided us to the manger. Mary was looking at the Christ Child. We then saw the baby. Mary picked up Jesus and handed him to this woman who held him and looked deeply into his eyes. The Christ Child lit up with joy. After a while, the woman gave Jesus back to Mary. Mary looked intently into the woman’s eyes. Words were not needed. The true gift of love had been held in her arms and seen in the look of an unspoken understanding. Sometimes actions are indeed far more powerful than words.

Have a blessed Advent.

~Fr. Nigel W. D. Mumford+


Healing Grace and Peace be with you, Fr. Nigel+


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